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My site promotion banner isn't working over at TRAT

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Yeah I stopped in for a bit. I made a post and noticed my site promotion banner not working, I tried to fix it, but it wouldn't work. Any one else have this problem? Am I being censored? If so they wont like th eone I put up there.
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Must be bad if Shawn is censoring Shawn :twofinger:
I don't know what you're talking about ::)
Hey Triple-ri eh, er I mean J-pip,
Welshrob censored your link to help Ballsadragon find Cheep over here on the dark side! I believe Trat is feeling the pain. Painfully obvious that Trat is suffering since the split. Its like the surface of the moon over there now. Painful sight to witness.
see, honestly I am confused by not allowing a site banner over there...

I somewhat actively participate in about 5 motorcycle related forums, and I have that same banner in all but 2.

All these other motorcycle forums don't seem to have an issue with it.. or no one has removed it, or asked me to remove it.. If someone had a banner for Trat I really wouldn't care, as long as it didnt kill the bandwidth....

Its not the same kind of site as far as I am concerned, they cover the whole spectrum of the Triumph world... old, new, sport and cruiser, never mind all the other stuff like RaT packs.... Kind of a cover all for people...sure they have individual forum lines but that can be really dfficult to find information with. I wanted a more specific site for the S3 so thats what I started.

I am assuming they have disallowed anything coming from this site IE: the banner image, thats why you dont see it......

C'est la vie
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Was just there and did'nt see your thread at all. I' assume its on the S3 forum from Triplerider or J-pip right?
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