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mystery plug

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so i was digging around in my bike last night and found a plug that didn't seem to have a home. the plug was zip-tied to the fuel rail with the injector wires, but originated from a different source. It is the same type of plug found on the injectors and sensors. the end of it is gray.
anyone have any clues?
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That is different. must have been done during MFG.
I have the same plug, although I have zip tied it to another location now.

The harness is more than likely a generic one, and the wire/connector is used for something else on other bikes. The connector looks like one for a sensor or actuator and could be the one used on the Rocket3 for the secondary throttle opening. Doesn't it use the same ECU?
I did kinda think it would be something like a generic harness (i was thinking speed 4 until i realized it wasn't in the FI wires). so i'm not going to worry bout it.
I found out what the plug is for!!! ;D

It is for the servo on the CA bikes with an evaporative cannister. I looked at a friend's bike (a CA bike sold in Alabama), and immediately noticed the connection.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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