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Ok, so I took the entire front end apart in preparation for taking the bits to the machinist to get measured and made and found out that the bearing and top part of the steering stem is a different diameter than the GSXR.

Stock 03 S3 bearing is ID-25mm, OD-52mm
05 GSXR 1k bearing is ID-30mm, OD-55mm

SO, I need to find a company which would offer a bearing with ID-30mm and OD-52mm. I've heard on that there is a tapered roller bearing that works, but haven't gleaned any details on there. Anyone know of a good company which might have such a thing? I'd rather not have to get the top of the frame machined 3mm larger if I don't have to and the stock bearing won't work with the larger GSXR stem.

Oddly enough, the lower bearing IS in fact identical to the roller tapered bearings I ordered so I'm good on that end. The stock Triumph bearings are tapered rollers, the stock GSXR bearings are 3-piece ball bearings, but the rollers fit on there with a good whack.

HELP! Hoping my machinist buddy will know where I could find a special bearing if no one on here can.
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When I was doing cager engines I had a pretty good list of suppliers but that is long gone.
The only thing I can think of now is U.K. guys like Spondon or Harris. I'll try sleeping on it.
Kuhlka, what is the thickness on the bearing??
I'll double check the thickness, but I think it was like 18mm, not sure, and it was a big ball bearing like a giant version of what you'd see in roller skates or a skateboard.

Steve from Racecomp said he'd put one in with my lower spacer kit, so I'm hoping he can get that en route asap and here within a week or so.
Okay let's see if Racecomp can get it done.
A guy on said I could also get the bearing from All Balls like he had for his kit. I'll probably do the All Balls bearing for a replacement should I ever need one.
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