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Need some suspension input

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I am looking to upgrade my suspension.
After past experiences with Ohlins, I am going with it on the rear. But I am undecided about the front.

What is available and works well for the 1050 Speed Triple?

Who has done what with their suspension?

I am 215 pounds (98kg).
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I have tracked down a source for an Ohlins rear shock and spring matched to your weight and preset up for you at a price USD $150-$200 less than any other source I have found.

Anyone interested in a group buy?
Not to hijack the thread but do you have any experience with Penske? I sometimes go to and and the roadracers on those sites love the Penske. They can be had for $750, come with a spring rate suited to your weight and riding style, have meaningful adjustments and good customer service. The Ohlins on the other hand are thought to be expensive, cost more if the spring has to be changed, are not as adjustable and don't have the best customer service. Ohlins is well represented in MotoGP and WSB but for the street/track rider I think Penske is the better choice.
My .02.
I have had 2 different bike fork sets revalved and sprung by Penske. IMHO, great for racing, but not for street. I could never get the setting correct for a decent street ride, or front end control on uneven surfaces - this could easily be my fault. If this was a track bike, I would work with Penske without a doubt.

I have used Ohlins on several bikes and cars. I have always been impressed with the control and the nice ride. And each time I have bought them, I have had my choice of spring rates at the same cost - even for cars. Customer service has been good - even when they are rebuilding them.

I have nothing against Penske, but I have decided that Ohlins meets my needs for the S3 rear. For the front, I am still undecided. I may just re-spring, and play with fluid viscosity at first.
Lets do the group buy.
Racetech can do the valving on the forks. Requires replacing one of the damping cartridges, don't remember if it was the compression or rebound. A shop in Houston charged me $475 for new springs, redone dampers, and labor. Works very well.
If your going to use your OEM triples clamps you have two options. Triumph decided to use an odd size diameter on the fork legs so nothing matches off the shelf!!!!

If you go for Ohlins FG43 Ducati fork legs you will need to machine the triple clamp by 1mm at the bottom to make them fit. The better option is RSV Ohlins; all you need to do is machine a 1mm sleave at the bottom and a 0.5mm sleave for the top clamp. That way you can always put the bike back to standard again when you sell it….

You will also need 100mm Brembo callipers to match the legs and an 18/19 radial master cylinder, your callipers will line up to the OEM rotors OK. You will love the new brakes they are wild…. Not as good as the 1098, they are the best brakes I’ve ever tried………..

Oh… You will also need a RSV front guard to finish of the job properly.

I have got a set on my 1050 with a set of OZ wheels just sitting there waiting for attention but I’m to busy to fit the wheels and use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003 legs are better than 2004/5 they just feel better with 0.95 spring 5w weight Ohlins oil and a 105mm air gap, the later have 1.0 spring. I’m about 105kg with my kit on + we ride two-up and they are still planted…… Awesome forks worth every penny…… :smitty: :smitty:

That’s a good deal you got on the rear shock mate….
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After talking with a couple of guys that have tried the Ohlins fronts, I have been talking with Traxxion Dynamics after hearing their name pop ip several times - ALWAYS good. Traxxion is willing to test the front forks and come up with several recommendations, so I am sending the stock parts out ASAP.
I can't wait..... :popcorn:
So........ :popcorn:
I have just had my forks resprung with WP springs and revalved. Paul Baericke who did set them up ready to bolt on,gave him my weight(85kg)he is running the preload on the last line(all the way out)Fn brilliant.He revalved the rear shock and put a high flow race piston in it.Fn brilliant also and works great on these goat tracks we have for roads over here.All up 730 AUD,pretty good value if you ask me,go on ask me. :eboy: :smitty: :drink:
damn...thats about $150 USD so i guess that is a good value :nana:
DocPup said:
damn...thats about $150 USD so i guess that is a good value :nana:
Suck my stinky salty balls! :slap: :eek: ;D
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