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New 1200RR Owner - USA (NY)

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Hey, picked up my 2022 S3 1200RR this past April, over the past month I have put over 1,500 miles, added a LeoVince slip on and I’m loving the bike.
Only issue I’ve been having is consistent trouble starting the bike up in the morning (~45 degrees). Anyone else having this issue? Odd, I even let the battery “warm up” for a few mins prior to ignition. Is battery tender a must even if I ride the bike everyday? I purchased one for storage purposes.

I added some images.

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Haha it seems motorcycles are not your only passion. I have a 2005 s3 and have almost never had a problem starting even in really cold weather. Is the issue that it struggles to crank? My rectal hypothesis is that you might just have a poorly performing battery. Might be worth investing the 120$ in a new one. I picked up a Yuasa recently and so far so good.
Coincidentally I am taking my S3 through NYC tomorrow :).
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