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new 675 and Scrambler

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Went by dealer Tuesday (Valentines Day) to see the new sporty 675 Triple and the new 900 Scrambler-they are both beautiful bikes!
The 675 will be one heck of a ride to me when they take off the fairing and put the seating position like my S 3. A BABY SPEED TRIPLE that will be quite a back road jammer! I am impressed with the nostalgic looks of the 900 but that bike is too slow for real action -once again they know their target market and it aint me. Both machines get an A+ from me for their intended use and target markets. I will wait to see if they expand the options for other types of riders - I hope they do. They both are really nice machines.
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here here! well said! I also had a chance to see the new scrambler.. nice looking bike but memories of burnt legs as a child passenger comes back WAY to quickly.
So far this summer, I've been conscripted three times by my local dealer to lead the group rides during their open house/demo days. That's three weekends of extensive riding on any Triumph or Ducati I chose. And I found myself hopping onto the Scrambler time & time again. If I were in the market for a new bike, the Scrambler would be at the top of the list. (followed closely by the Ducati S4Rs)
I took speedy to the dealer for her first service a few weeks ago and demo drove everything i had time for. The 675 is an AWESOME bike. I found myself getting off the freeway just so i could get back on and here that beautiful music. A 10,000 rpm swansong. Man, it gave me goosebumps. I heard the rumor mill about a baby S3 next year, i would be really tempted.
You guy's got it good.......Test driving all those nice bikes. :)
I live in Newfoundland, Canada. There's no dealer here. :'( So I rely on your comments for my future bike choices.... "KEEP IT COMING".
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