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New bike/suspension

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Anyways...still in search for a new speedie, going down to Gulf Coast Triumph this weekend to check out the selection. However, after reading several posts regarding the crappie pre-set suspension, would it be reasonable for me to ask the dealer to set up the suspension for me personally. We do pay for some type of set-up fee....

ALSO!!!, how should the suspension be set (never did this on my old bike, so i have no clue)? just a generic way will do :wave: so i know they are not just throwing a bone at me

ps. i know this may fall under suspension, but also a purchasing ?'s...sorry fib if it is in the wrong thread :violent1:
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Don't worry DocPup, the mod stick is reserved for the yeller bikes puztes and people who say "MODS SUK"!

As far as the suspension set up, not a bad idea, but you might be just as far ahead skipping the set-up fee and setting the suspension yourself. That way you know that you have it done to your satisfaction, and you'll be learning about it as you do it. Some dealership mechanics just don't have their stuff together.....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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