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New Guy, saying Hi

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Hello All,

Well, I decided to forgo a deposit I had on a Ducati 1098 and instead purchase a Speed Triple (black). I stumbled on this site, and have found it very useful in understanding the "hype" behind the S3.

I was able to demo a ride on the S3 and I immediately determined that the S3 would be a much more "useable" ride for me. Mine should be ready for delivery in about a week. I am having the wheels powered coated blue along with a few more accessories installed.

I look forward in reading more about this cool bike and want to thank those who have posted all the helpful information.

Ride Safe,
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Nice one, mate. welcome to the nut house. :drink:

BTW. Glad ya didn't turn into a DUC BOY :jerkit: ;D
welcome to the true hooligan site! :finger: The 1098 is one sweeeeet ass bike, but you won't be disappointed in speedy one bit, especially if ya take some of Devi's advice on here. :wrench: ;D
Welcome to the club!! :wave: What part of Texas you living in???
Dfib said:
.... :sign5: or Limey....
Doesn't matter, meant it with Organic coffee Shawn love!!! :gayaway:
Welcome Tex :wave:
Dfib said:
Doesn't matter, meant it with Organic coffe Shawn love!!! :gayaway:
if it's that gay must mean Limey...... :violent1:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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