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New here, my Speedtona pics

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just added the flyscreen. Still a work in progress

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Sweet mate,I gotta get a rear seat cowl for mine,that looks hot :beer: :smitty:
Looks great. I definitely should have got the seat cowl for my '02 when I had it. That tail unit doesn't really make sense without it.

Where did you get the mount for the front blinkers,they look trick
got the whole set up -lights and mounts from Aztec8.
1. nice job on the speedtona rebuild.

2. nice find on the aztec8....

all I can say is now you'll be able to feel the full brunt of the wind in your face at 100+ ;D
first time on the highway a few weeks ago, almost got ripped off the bike, haha! so that's what a windscreen did.
Catahoulabulldog said:
:smitty: ;D ;D ;D
Nice......... :wave:
Nice bike man. Dig the signals and enjoy those clip-ons! :jerkoff:
sweet job on the conversion. What did you use to mount the gauges and flyscreen?
i used the speed triple mount. Had to cut some of it away to clear my headlight setup.
Just added risers, a rizoma bar and new bar end mirrors.
I am doing the same conversion to my 02 Daytona. Just stripped off all of the bodywork last night. Trying to determine if I want to go with the stock S3 parts for the lights and dash or go with your Aztec8 set-up. You set up looks great. Depends if I can find a used set of S3 stuff on eBay.

Did you run all of the wiring under the tank to get it out of the way? Did the wiring for the Aztec lights directly connect from the Daytona wiring? Any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks.
yes, I ran all the wiring under the tank. Hid most of it the best I could.
I honeslty don't remember how the Aztec's wired up to the Daytona wiring. If I don't remember, then it couldn't have been too difficult.
I need to get updated pics up.
Very cool.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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