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New Kriega Tailpack...

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Okay, so I've already posted this in the 'other place' (for those who frequent both) but this is where it belongs...

My new Kriega US-20 tailpack finally arrived today - it finally arrived on Kriega's website yesterday, too:

In case you're in the market for a tailpack right now, it fits great on the S3:

It comes with shoulder strap and is modular with Kriega's other stuff - add a Kriega US-10 tailpack and it becomes the US-30:

You can also add another US-10 (one either side) to make a 40-litre tailpack (US-40, of course)... I don't have another US-10 but I can see myself getting one really soon. The US-10 is really handy as a small 10-litre tailpack on its own, and it fits on the back of most of Kriega's biking backpacks.

All Kriega stuff is really well made (with a 10 year guarantee) and I've been really impressed so far - definitely got to get myself an R25 soon...
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Good info!

I have been very impressed with the R25 with, or without, the US10 add on pack.
Kriega is definitely very high quality.
Not bad :) Very expensive though.. SW-motech Cargobag is 52litres and costs a lot less than US-40. I like the look and the fact that it's water proof though. I'll have hard time deciding between these two..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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