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New S3 performance project by Metric Cycles

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After a couple of PMs and emails, I broke down and checked the TRAT site and looked at a new thread there.

It seems that Kuhlka's friends at Metric Cycles in TX are diving into an S3 engine and will be posting up their progress on an engine build including head work. This should be interesting to see their progress and results.

It is well past time for some for the Pros in the industry to step up and work on an S3.
[Tell them to catch up. ;) ]

I applaud their interest and look forward to seeing what they find. :drink:

Still waiting to hear if it is a 955 or 1050.

:wrench: :wrench: :wrench:
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I have just been sent a link to the :smiley-asskiss: rat site, knobend is on the case.
I looked at the site, looks like a nice guy. Knob is right about the mill though!

You can get some good results from kit like that don't knock it till you tried it knob :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff:..............

Maybe we could get him to post on this site? We can always use some fresh blood.
I think hes got a dyno too................
:smiley-asskiss: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :horse: :horse: knob Hey cheap are you a knob :twofinger: :twofinger: :twofinger:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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