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NEW SNEAKS! Metzler Sportec M3

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Only A 100 miles on em but MAN! SOOOOoooo much better... so much more confidence even in the cold.. ;D
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What rubber have you been running?

The new Pirelli Supercorsas look interesting. A few magazines have already tested them, but they won't be released until the beginning of the year.
ya, I've gone with the m1's on 2 bikes now, and love'm. How can they rate the m3 best marks in every catagory? Is trade off between handling and milage debate over?
I was still on the stock Bridgstones... I thought they were prttey dam good all things considered... BUT WOW.... a few warmer miles today really showed my what a better tire can do for my riding.. I'm not ready for motogp just yet, but I feel so much stronger turning that I can brake later and accel sooner.. its a nice feeling.. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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