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Hello all,
I may be new to the Triumph brand as an owner but Im not new to ridin. My last bike was a 1997 TL1000s streetfighter. I did as much as I could to her just short of building a motor for her. She died at the end of last year from a blown motor and a cracked frame. She had 50,000 on her, so as you can see I ride a lot. I have had my eye on the speed trip since 05 when they changed the look to the stunning machine she is today. I just never went about it cause i had the TL and didnt want anyother bike. But now that my TL is gone it opens up an opportunity to get on an S3. So currently Im in Va. for the last day of a 5 month training course. And will now be heading back to RI. Where my brand new (leftover) Black 2006 Speed Triple awaits me. I already have a bunch of mods planed for her. So I will return with photos and vids of my new baby and how I like to ride. I cant wait to get riding and see what this S3 has in store for me. More to come.

Chris :devil:

:wave: You'll love the s3.Did the TL frame crack at the headstock?
I think it happened to alot of them. Enjoy the new bike, you won't look back.
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