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New to me 01

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I pick up my 01 tomorrow afternoon! I can't freaking wait.
I came to this board from a recommendation on the Triumphrat board. Hopefully we can keep this site going.
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Thanks. I've been able to put a few miles in since I brought her home, and I am severely hooked. Some of you might know the bike. I bought it from TripleThreat, over on the RAT site. He sold it when he bought a new 675. I don't think I could have made a better purchase.
cool, you got triple threat's bike! I'm sure you'll love it. I think he was a little heart broke to sell it, but hey, he got a bad ass 675, I'm sure he's not too heart broke. Glad you like it so far, the addiction only gets worse! ;D
YEP! I swooped in on his thread when he was talking about wanting to get the 675. We got to talking, and I picked it up Saturday. He seems like a good dude, and from the looks of things, took very good care of the S3. He fired up the 675 for me when I was there and it sounded sweet, and looded bad ass, but I was more than happy to leave Bloomington with my new blue Triple.
Excellent find. If you're in the area the Toledo (and surrounding area) TSBR guys also do sunday rides at 1pm at Wendy's across the overpass from Levis Commons, its the 1st 475/23 exit from I-75. Just check out!
Enjoy your new ride! I've got 26,000 trouble free miles on mine.
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