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well i was on for abput two months and read that everyone is coming over here so here i am. i ride an 05 speedy. actually i rode it now i look at it in the empty space nest to my car at my house. i crashed it only a month after i got it, i know pretty gay i must be a terrible rider to do that, but it was in my neighborhood at about 35 mph and i cant remember what happened so i blame it on a dog or something. anyway just waiting on the tank and some handle bars and i will be good to go. it been about 4 months now waiting to get back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going green. i got a zard to replace the stock bent ones. anyway i wont drag on but thats my little intro so good to meet you all and safe riding

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There are just three kinds of people in this world my friend:

Those who have crashed,
Those who will crash,
and Those who will crash again.

Guess which group I belong too? Gives us a reason to customize.
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