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Newbie to Triumph triple engine

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:hitit: Hi Guys...

Haven't searched the forum yet at risk of "reposting" !!!
Well here i go....What the ....!! is up with the noisy engine ...i mean are they all like that ?? i've benn doing the english waltz on my bike listening for cam chain ,valves,cams and stuff .....Ok i bought the bike with 25000 km. on clock and it runs like a freight train on steroids....but man !!! i´m worried !!! HELP wanted

regards Claus
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Have you lubricated your chain?

A lot of "engine noise" can be removed by trying this.
Mine has a noisy gearbox. Does the "noise" decrease or go away when you pull in the clutch?
mine sounds like a friggin diesel.
Hi and thanx for the quick response.

No change in sound when clutch is engaged

New Chain and sprockets needed for sure i guess a lot of noise comes from this ! Have been driving Guzzi´s for 10 years so i'm not used to the chain sound

And yes mine sounds like a diesel(at idle) too but as soon as the revs pick up a bit it´s sweet and quiet...

F*#k i thought they were deisels,been running mine on that since new.Yeah mine sounds noisy too,as mentioned above lubing your chain stops a lot but they are just a noisy engine to start with,and they have no fairings around the motor to quiten them down. ;D
Yeah they're noisy, I have an anxiety disorder from this after adjusting my valves.
7 year old thread, my 2013 s3 se is so noisy, between the intake chirping and the cam chain grinding I cannot hear the exhaust note. This one may be going away. seriously harleys with their 110 year old design run quieter.sad, sad, sad. I must seem like a troll posting so much "less than glowing" reports in the 5-6 weeks since I bought my bike new. and I took it out today with my kid on his xl1200c and his buddy on his 600 honda cbr and and felt happy with my ride, even pulled a wheely for my kid. a block from home i pull the earplugs and couldnt believe the engine noise. it sounds like i'm running it dry! wtf.
Sounds like you just need to sell your bike and go buy a Japanese bike....adios! :wave:
ear plugs...
Get a louder exhaust......problem solved.
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