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newspeed3 website orders.

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i ordered the integrated taillight last week and am hanging out to get it.
im in australia here, and just wondering how long shipment should take...

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Hey Mongo - it took about 5 days for the shipment to be made from Texas to California and 3-4 to get here via ground shipping. I don't know how much latency will be introduced by the Oz version of customs. The order should be sent pretty quickly.
Brent at newspeed3 is great! I ordered the tail light from them, and it got here to NC in like 2 days! :shocker: ;D I'm sure it will take a little longer to make it across the pond, but I'm sure it will be as quick or quicker than anyone else!
My last order from Newspeed3 took about 9 days to reach me. If they ship immediately the time could be as short as 5 days. (STmike sent me something I bought from him and it was 5 days. Los Angeles to Melbourne)
ok then.
cant wait to get rid of the stocko rear fender etc... :horse:

have you guys been happy with the int. tail-light ?? you find it puts out a clear indication direction day / night?

mongo :twofinger:

(these emoticons are rad) :drink: :smitty:
Integrated tail light is great! Very easy to see in the day time.
I really like the Clear Alternatives integrated light on my bike. I bought it direct from Clear Alternatives, but wouldn't have issues buying it from NewSpeed3. I would expect them to ship it quickly.

Make sure it is bright and that all the LEDs work. Some have had issues with the later units, but CA or NewSpeed3 are great about replacing them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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