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Nice freakin' bike....

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Technical card:

Chassis Speed 02/04
Forcellone Daytona '02
Tail Speed 1050 with sottocoda MAD'DOCTOR
Motor Speed 955ì 02/04 (with working head)
Filter air BMC and drainage 3 in 1 ZARD
Wheels to beams ALPINE
Discs brake BRAKING/radial pump DISCACCIATI
Paratelaio EVOTECH/manubrio+ riser + small mirrors + serbatorio pump brakes RIZOMA
Front Fanale LUCAS
Handicraft tank benzine
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I think I like the idea of an S3 with a single headlamp and clip-ons. That might be what mine ends up looking like one day - then I'd want a polished aluminium tank and single seat, then I'd want different rearsets and down for up shift pattern, megaphone pipe, then ........................bugger, when does it stop?
The only problem with all this stuff is time spent doing it takes away from time riding - and I have little enough of that as it is.
Maybe I just need a Thruxton.............
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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