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Nice freakin' bike....

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Technical card:

Chassis Speed 02/04
Forcellone Daytona '02
Tail Speed 1050 with sottocoda MAD'DOCTOR
Motor Speed 955ì 02/04 (with working head)
Filter air BMC and drainage 3 in 1 ZARD
Wheels to beams ALPINE
Discs brake BRAKING/radial pump DISCACCIATI
Paratelaio EVOTECH/manubrio+ riser + small mirrors + serbatorio pump brakes RIZOMA
Front Fanale LUCAS
Handicraft tank benzine
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Where's the pukin' smilie when you need it?

To each their own, I guess..... but DAMN!
One of the reasons I bought the 1050 was the simple lines of the tank and stock wheels.

I like the retro look on this bike, but the colors don't do it for me.... at all.

Crash - GREAT idea!
Ever kick-started a bike with 12:1 compression and no bypass valves?

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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