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Nissin 5/8ths front brake

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Hi guys, I am going to ask if anyone knows of a donor bike I can get my Nissin front brake with reservoir and 5/8ths plunger to replace my Tupperware. I just got some cool preload knobs for my triple and that white bowl is just so in the way. I think the 2001 suzuki katana may have what I need but I'm not positive and I have no close bike salvage yard to investigate. I would rather try to buy on e bay anyway. Thanks
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I might be selling my 5/8MC and pazzo levers because I'm going to swap out to a radial MC to match the front end I'm doing.
Hey Kuhlka, Can you e mail or post a pic of the brake and levers? Then I'll wait for you to do that cool fork swap. Thanks and great job with the new forum.
Ok, how about $100 for just the master cylinder, or $225 for the master cylinder with my set of black w silver adjuster shorty pazzoracing levers? Shipping included in those prices.

If you just want the MC, I'll still need to buy another lever for my new MC.

I can't go much lower because I bought my levers for $160+shipping and the MC kit was $150.
Hey Kuhlka, I'm interested. Can you e mail a pic?
Older pics, but the levers and MC look the same. Interested in the complete set or just the 5/8 MC? The 5/8 MC looks almost exactly the same as the stock item. The only thing that lets you tell them apart is the 5/8 cast on the cylinder. Oh, and if you want the stock reservoir, its yours for free. I have no use for it now that I've got a Rizoma res.

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They are sweet but I'm trying to eliminate the Tupperware reservoir on top and go to a standard style MC with attached reservoir for a cleaner look. I would still be interested in the levers if I can get them to fit my new MC and reservoir.
Well, I can only guarantee the clutch side will fit if you're using a different MC. I might have to keep the levers though if you're not buying the MC because I'd have to buy two new levers for more than I paid for this pair. Can't buy a matched pair so I'd take a $85+ hit for each, plus the cost of the radial. For just the levers I'd ask just a bit below that Triumph special price that company had going back in May, $140. They're in mint condition and look/work great.

I'm going to be listing basically my entire stock front end on ebay when the swap is all done. You might check into what lever you'll need for that MC you're talking about. Kind of a waste to buy my pair then be stuck with one that doesn't fit. I'm pretty sure I could easily get $100-140 for these on ebay when I sell everything else.
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There's this thing floating around on ebay if you wanna get rid of the tupperware
Hey avi8tor, Is it an aluminum type canister? Do you know what keyword you used to search e bay?
Rizoma reservoirs pop up on ebay on a regular basis. Just type in rizoma.
leggeman01 said:
Hey avi8tor, Is it an aluminum type canister? Do you know what keyword you used to search e bay?
Try this link

Afraid auction has ended on this item but I'm sure they'll relist it.
Thanks for the link. I'm still going to try to get a new MC and perch to eliminate the height that the reservoir creates.
:sign5: Wish these cunts would just fuck off.

Rizoma is the shit! $140
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GeetarPaul said:
Never put down to malice what can be explained by simple stupidity
I am taking your signature line into consideration when I suggest that you go back to the original post and look at the date. :nana:
Goddammit! thats the second time that sig has got me!

Maybe I should change it to summat like "Just fuck off, ya bashturds!" :horse:
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