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NJ Freehold Triumph Dealership

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Hi, my name is Jason. I am new to this site and new to the S3. I just got rid of my Kawasaki Ninja 500, and am looking for a new bike. I am pretty much set on buying the S3, even with all the talk I've read online about the brakes. I was just wondering if anybody on this forum has been to, or bought from Triumph Freehold. If so, what were your impressions. Thank you and take care.
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Hey Jason, I was at Freehold Triumph saturday and I can say I like the dealership alot. I bought my S3 4 months ago from Jack Trebour Triumph in NNJ but now deal with Freehold for all my motorcycle needs . I have a service check minus the oil/filter schedule for next weekend. Good luck and let me know if yo uget one there. Are you from that area? I am in Manasquan every weekend this summer.
That is good to hear. I am going to be purchasing my bike around august to september. Freehold Triumph and Jack Trebour are close to the same distance away from me. I am going to visit both, but just wanted to see a customer's reaction to the place. I am located in Hillside, NJ which is right around Elizabeth and Newark, if you are familiar with that area at all. By any chance do you know when Triumph will be releasing information on the 2007 model year vehicles?
KarmaPunk: may I ask why you deal with Freehold and not with Trebour? Is it simply the distance, or do you feel that Freehold treats you better?

My experience with Freehold Triumph was very negative. Years ago, my wife & I went there to look at Speed Fours. She was interested in purchasing one, and at the time, I didn't know about Trebour or Greenbrook. When we got there, there was several Speed Fours on the floor, and when we asked about the price we were quoted MSRP (of course). I told the sales-guy that we were serious buyers (we were) and that we'd like to hammer out a deal if he could cut us even a little break. His response was that he didn't need to cut us a break because "it's a HOT bike, and if you don't want to pay full price, the next customer will." He said this while I was wiping a THICK layer of dust off the tank of this HOT seller. ::) We haven't been back there since.

Trebour, on the other hand, treats us VERY well. The sale-guys sold us our two triumphs at very good prices, and the service folks really know their shit! And the parts guys have always worked hard to get me my stuff quickly & inexpensively. In all, I can't say enough good stuff about them
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I feel the complete opposite. Trebour was great until i bought my bike They gave me a great deal. Then I stopped by twice for aftermarket parts and was practically ignored. I didn't shop Freehold when pricing the S3 but have stopped by after for gear and service and they have been extremely attentive.

Your freehold saleguys sounds like an idiot. Who wouldn't try tp work out a price...

Weird how 1 place can rub you the wrong way.
KarmaPunk said:
Weird how 1 place can rub you the wrong way.
agreed, Canton Cycles here in CT, USA did exactly that...rubbed me the wrong way, I was a serious buyer who after seeing the 04SE knew exactly what I wanted. I spoke to the regional sales manager who told me he just dropped one off @ Canton. I called them and actually had to tell THEM that they indeed did have one.. after a short "discussion" about their stock over the phone they confermed that it was there they took my info and said they would call when it was uncrated.... I never got a call.. 2 weeks later I drove the hour there to find out they unboxed it and sold it without so much as a peep to me the guy who told them they had it in the first place.... So I bought my 04SE from Branchville motors later that day.... They were very helpfull all the way, Alex is an old time Triumph guy who knows his stuff.
" By any chance do you know when Triumph will be releasing information on the 2007 model year vehicles?"

does anyone know when this info gets released?i'm dying here,want to purchase an s3 but the 675 speed triple i keep hearing about sounds pretty intriguing.i don't think i can wait till september if that's when they come out.
I have been to all dealers and the best one by the greatest margin is manayunk triumph in philly but that's too far for some of u
I've bought 7 bikes, a lawnmower, and 2 snowblowers from Freehold. Great people to deal with, and excellent service. I've bought bikes at other NJ dealerships, but Freehold Honda / Triumph has been the best by far.
Hey Brkbill, I check out the link to your bike pics, nice! I got the same one. Couple questions:

1. Your CRG mirrors, did you get them at freehold?
2. what about your bike stand? $$$? freehold?
3. I see you have a seat cowl, why don't you take off your 2-up pegs?

The CRG's were purchased from New Speed 3.

The bike stand came from Pit Bull.

The rear pegs will be coming off soon.

The bike, and all Triumph OEM options were purchased from Freehold.
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