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KarmaPunk said:
Weird how 1 place can rub you the wrong way.
agreed, Canton Cycles here in CT, USA did exactly that...rubbed me the wrong way, I was a serious buyer who after seeing the 04SE knew exactly what I wanted. I spoke to the regional sales manager who told me he just dropped one off @ Canton. I called them and actually had to tell THEM that they indeed did have one.. after a short "discussion" about their stock over the phone they confermed that it was there they took my info and said they would call when it was uncrated.... I never got a call.. 2 weeks later I drove the hour there to find out they unboxed it and sold it without so much as a peep to me the guy who told them they had it in the first place.... So I bought my 04SE from Branchville motors later that day.... They were very helpfull all the way, Alex is an old time Triumph guy who knows his stuff.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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