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Love the site . Although I don't own a Speed Triple I do have a Speed4 . Hope you all have respect for S4s . And the icons are off the chart ! :afro: :hitit: :eek:wned: :smitty: :beer: :horse: :horse: :horse: :popcorn: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :jerkoff: :finger: :devi: :shocker: :shocker:
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we hate speed4's. :finger:

just kidd'n roxy, the more the merrier. atleast ya know that bugeyes is where it's at. ;) ;D Now we just have to teach ya that triple's is where it's at. :twofinger:
Yeah. The Speed4 is a bit like a geeky little brother, but we still love them ;D
Just hack one cylinder off, I'm sure these guys could show you how.... :drink:
I still have a speed4 in my garage until tomorrow afternoon (Friday) I think i may have bumped into you over on the speed4 site ;) i was called markspeed4 over there.

Looking forward to picking the new bike up ;D I'll drop in on the speed4 site and let you know how i get on with it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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