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Not a good sound!

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So I got speedy all cleaned up fer my trip, and go to crank her up to take her down the road real quick. 1st she makes some big clank noise the second it fired up, and now she's rattle'n and shake'n more than a POS HD! I think she's toast. All of this shit 3 days before my f'n trip! :finger: Anyone wanna lend me their speedy? :violent1:
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If this is a joke, I can definitely fix the offending rattle and shake with an 18 pound sledge - on the bike or on the rider. ;D
Did you get your RV packed for the trip?

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If it is not a joke, I can have my bike back together on Monday. You are welcome to borrow it.
The second bottle of additive has sugar in it. :twofinger:

He and Triple Rider both told me they had the correct marks on the bottom. :twofinger:
zooplancton said:
hahahahaha... had me going there... i was having starter probs last 2 weeks and just got it fixed. it sounded pretty insane upon start up. all better now though.

the good that came of it all? i know that you can push start an s3 in 2nd gear. (whole lotta fun that was. trying to leave a popular bike eatery to boot - paid 2 kids 5 bucks to help out)
You sound smarter than CB. ;D

Ask him about pushing a Buell. One that wasn't even his. :violent1:
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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