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o2 sensor

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alright help a mechanical shit for brains...what is the function of o2 sensor? it merely an emissions feature? question is this...i was thinking about trying an akrapovic mega phone for an r6...but in the mean time i want to see and hear if i like what it would basically i want to remove the mid pipe and cans and run it like that for a week or so as a trial...this will mean disconnecting the o2 sensor...can i just move it out of the way?...i know i will prolly get a check engine light...but will my idea fuck up the bike in any way?...thanks in advance :smiley-asskiss:
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The o2 sensor monitors the content of oxygen in your exhaust. The signal is sent to the ECM which makes decisions about air/fuel mixtures based on this reading and others (in closed-loop mode).

It is my understanding that 05/06 S3's only pay attention to the o2 sensor during idle and low rpm/throttle openings (for purposes of emissions and noise testing). Otherwise the bike pays attention to your throttle hand, aka open loop.

I would not remove/disconnect as you will get a bad fuel mixture at idle and low speed operation, likely the mixture will be rich as the ECM thinks that the o2 sensor is receiving high o2 content and will attempt to give more fuel to get the ratio close to what it is programmed to be.

It's likely that I have left out something important here or may have given some less-than-accurate info,if so I am sure someone will correct me. But this is it in the proverbial nutshell.
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