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Recently I was sold a set of SBS brake pads for the front of my 2012 Speedy 3. I took off the OEM plates and was just about to fit the new pads when I noticed the carrier plate, the backing plate the pads are bonded to, was half the thickness of the Triumph plates! The plate on the OEM pad is 4.5mm, while the SBS plates are 2.5mm.
So, my thinking says that if your rotor is getting worn, say down to 4mm, and the pads are also worn, say down to 1.5mm, there could be a chance of popping a caliper piston under hard braking!!! On the front wheel !! This would be BAD ! Huh?

Having the OEM 4.5mm carrier plate ensures that the piston still has enough skirt to keep seated when the pads/rotors are getting a bit tired.

What are thoughts on this and does anyone know of a, not so expensive but good, aftermarket pad with thicker carrier plates for my S3??
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