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OH NOOOOO????!!!!

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So. Speedy got the ole total boot from the insurance boobs... 8800 bucks plus gear, aftermarkets ain't covered :bs:...

Dilemna: A new WHITE speedy is due at the dealership sooner or later (he has the title, its just "lost in transit"), but also has an '06 thruxton sitting ready to go. New speedy would eat all the insurance check. Thruxton would only be about 7 grand. AKA I'd have 1800 to upgrade-read: ohlins rears, exhaust, big bore kit etc...

If I got the speedy i'd prolly break down and git Old Squids pipes.
But I'd be broke and sorta stock...

somebody mail me a reality check, this is " :poop: ey"

:slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap:
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having had both, no question, get S3! It is so much better. No comparison. It has so much more to offer. Yeah, you will be broke, but you will get more money. The Thruxton, while be fun, will always be substandard compaired to the S3. Not only that, but you get to ride a white one, and everyone knows that good guys ride white!

:afro: :afro: :afro:
NO question here, I think your just itchin to ride something. I wouldn't mind a thrux, it'd be fun to ride around on, shit i'd even like to take one to the track and race one, but speedy's where it's at. I can't say that I wouldn't be thinking the same thing if I were without a bike and had to wait for a new one. I didn't read about you going down, what happened? Obviously you're ok, that's good.
Go the Speedy,or i'm gonna send Legman over to sort you out you crazy bastard. :eek: ;D :slap:
Eeep! I heard that guys like eight feet tall!!!

Long story short: Highway, tankertruck, cut-off, back of truck, concrete, speedy death throes (also throws...), speedys06triple cries (but not from any tinsy bit of pain), ambulance, cops, fire brigade, broken wrist, seriously f'ed up knees-lower back-...

fast forward~

Exasperation, dealer coffee, larry the insurance guy, more dealer coffee, aprillia, thruxton, tiger, *invisible white speedy*, dealer coffee.

Waitin on the cash, then the 26th, which is happy cast removal day! :wave: AKA test ride a jillion bikes "pretending" to be deciding... I'm sure I'll end up with the speedy though. it might come witha bunch 'o' body work parts if anyone wants to call 'em. Obviously I'll keep ya posted.
damn insurance companies. :slap: ;D Best of luck to ya man. I agree that speedy will be hard to replace with the Thruxton, but I still think the Thrux is a waaaay cool scoot. :afro:
Buy both. I'm wicked broke, but if my wife wouldn't kill me I'd have a thrux to go with speedy. I test rode a red one with tors from the demo truck, what a hoot!! The thrux would be better to shuttle my ass to work, less tickets for wheelies.....
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