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Ohlins group buy?

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Ohlins rear shock and spring - spring and valving matched to your weight.

Is anyone interested in a group buy?

I can get the units for USD $850 plus shipping - maybe less. They regularly go for USD $1,000 or more.
If I can get several other interested, I will check into getting an even better price.
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Where did the rest of this thread go? I could of sworn there were a whole bunch of replies!

I just wanted to see who got their shock and who didn't. I don't have mine yet and according to Dan Kyle Ohlins might ship it today. Maybe it is a nice fresh one from Sweden, not one of those old stale ones they had sitting around.
The old thread was deleted - the group buy ended. No need leaving the old stuff out there showing the great deal we got, and teasing the ones who missed out. ;)

I didn't realize this one was still here. I started an new Ohlins thread.
Put me in for a definite maybe. :popcorn:
The group buy has ended.

The normal pricing and order information is on the thread in the suspension section. $829.00 plus $15 shipping with spring/valving matched to your weight. I am not sure how many units are left, but the last units in the group buy were shipped from Sweden. If Ohlins Sweden is out, it may take several months before they make another run.

See -
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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