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Oil Filters

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Cross reference for Triumph oil filter:
Purolator Pure One - 14610/14612
Purolator - ML16819 or L14622
Wix - 51358 or 51365
Amsoil - SMF 103
Hastings - LF113
Motorcraft - FL816
AC Delco - PF1237
Bosch - 3323 (long) or 3320 (standard)
K&N 191

From Honda oil filter alternatives:
All these filters have 20 x 1.5 mm threads, 2.3" gasket dia. , approximately 2 3/4" O.D., a bypass valve of 8 to 14 p.s.i., and anti-drain back valves.

3.5" long filters -

Mobil 1 M1-110
Bosch 3323
Purolator L14610
NAPA Gold 1356
Carquest 85356
Wix 51356
Deutsch D-370
AC Delco PF-2057
Motorcraft FL-821
STP S-02867
Penske 7317
Walmart Supertech ST 7317

2.5" long filters -

Bosch 3300
NAPA Gold 1356 or NAPA Gold 1358 (motorcycle specific filter)
Purolator L14612
Purolator ML-16817
AC Delco PF1237 or AC Delco PF2135 (motorcycle specific filter)
STP S-02876
Fram PH6607 or Fram PH6617A (motorcycle specific filter)
Walmart Supertech ST 6607
K & N KN-191 (motorcycle specific filter)
Honda 15410 (motorcycle specific filter)
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Glad to help.

Personally, I like the Purolator Pure One (14610) and Mobile One filters better than most. Cut them open and see why. The Amsoil filters tend to be good as well, but I don't have a cross reference number for them - yet.

Several companies make a billet oil filter with a very fine stainless mesh screen that is reuseable. They work well, but no better than a good standard one. And I am not big into washing oil filter parts when I want to change oil.

Add a magnet to the side of the oil filter for even better filtering.
I regularly use an old style can opener that cuts from the side (not the top) to open oil filters and inspect the trapped debris inside. It also is a good way to compare oil filters.
I'm a big fan of the Wix filters, myself. I use them on my Acura TL, my wife's VW Passat, and on my 06 S3. There was a comparison of oil filters, or something like that, that listed lots of oil filters flow rates and filtering rates. Over on acurazine,com, a site dedicated to Acura TL's, several tribologists said that oil filters must not just filter well they must also flow well...and that two are mutually exclusive. If it flows well it doesn't filter well and visa versa. I think the Pure One's and Mobil 1's filter very well but are restrictive to flow, something that concerns me in high performance, high revving engines. The bottom line for me is that slightly dirty oil that flows well is better than clean oil that doesn't flow as well. The Wix is a great compromise and that's why I use them. I get them from They're dirt cheap and shipping is free for any order over $50.
Tight - A very good point. That is a good reason for using longer 3.5 inch filters.

Good filter info -
A good site that has been regularly updated over the years.
Devious when you use the longer filter does it it hold more oil when you change oil and filter?. spec is 3.2L
Yes, the longer filters hold slightly more oil. I fill the filter before installing it so the system does not need to fill it when starting the bike for the first time after an oil change.

Wet fill with short filter is 3.2L.
Wet fill excluding filter is 3.0L.
So if you fill the filter before you install it, it doesn't matter which length it is - you still add 3.0L.

For all of my vehicles, I try to use the longer oil filters when they are available. This way you can use a high filtering media and still have good flow.
Do you wory about the longer oil filter hitting something, like a speed bump, since it sticks out about an inch or so undernesth the engine?
It would be very hard to hit something with the filter (it only sticks out a small amount compared to the stock filter) - unless you are jumping curbs. Jumping the wrong curb can crack the crankcase pan - don't do it.
Using the longer Purolator Pure One filter and my favorite oil, I sent a sample of oil out to Blackstone Labs for analysis. It came back looking great!
I clicked on the link and on the 3 oils tested. I don't think any of them are for your S3. Could you post your results or the link to it.
The link is for the Blackstone site. My results are not listed.

I guess I could scan and post my copy, but it doesn't really say a lot. Just results from the tests - like the ones shown, but better.

I finally have enough miles to set a baseline. I will check it again in 5000 miles.
Are the referenced filters at top of post for all S3's or specific years/motors?
For all that use the same filter as the late 955/1050 models.
so, what should I do with the Triumph filter sitting in my garage right now? :wrench:
Catahoulabulldog - use it.
The list just gives you other options.
Cut apart a few oil filters and look at the filtering media and the bypass valve, and you will soon determine what seperated a good filter from the bad ones.

You can buy both good ones and bad ones on Ebay.
Devious2xs said:
The link is for the Blackstone site. My results are not listed.

I guess I could scan and post my copy, but it doesn't really say a lot. Just results from the tests - like the ones shown, but better.

I finally have enough miles to set a baseline. I will check it again in 5000 miles.
I sent Blackstone an email....want to know if they will test new oils. I am willing to pay for 2 tests to compare the Triumph branded 15W50 vs. the Mobil 1 15W50 available for half the price.......I am betting they are identical, but I've been wrong before.

I say this because Triumph is not that big a company to get their own special blend. I can't imagine Mobil would create this special refinement for what is (in the great scheme of things) a niche motorcycle company.

We'll see...
I would bet the same thing. In fact, some have reported that their dealers are carrying regular Mobile 1, not the "T" labeled stuff.

I would love to see the test results.
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