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oil leak

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have an oil leak from the shift shaft oil seal i have a bad feeling it will require splitting the cases to replace anybody out there changed one yet? can the shift shaft be partially retracted without splitting the cases? would'nt have to retract it much to get behond the seal to pull it out but according to the service manual the engine has to come out and cases seperated to get to it seems like there should be an easier way to get to an oil seal any help is appreciated
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What bike are we talking about here?
Yep. Should have mentioned that I guess. It is an 08 speed triple.
Clean under the front sprocket well, and re-torque all the oil pan bolts. I though mine was leaking there also. I was wrong.
I know that someone else here had the same problem. Do some more searching.
already did the sprocket guard and chain guard cleaning definately coming from the shift shaft oil seal the other posts relating to this issue do not give the information i am seeking which is can the shift shaft be partially retracted far enough to remove the seal without splitting the cases if anyone has experience with that i would appreciate the help if not guess i will just attempt to retract it by taking out the clutch basket and see what happens just thought i would give the forum a try first to see if anyone would know
Pretty sure the seal can be removed/installed with everything in place, removing only the shifter/linkage..

I would check the TM, but my laptop drive died, and only have my phone right now. Maybe one of the other members would be so kind as to send you a PDF TM..
Hi Joe ,
Is there a PDF TM for this issue as I have an 09 Speed triple 1050 and have a small leak in the same area.
Any help from you or other members would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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