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Oldsquids 02 low mount pipe pics

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What do you guys think

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These modifications are all about personal taste. Saying that, I personally think the 02 S3 is a larger more meatier looking bike and so needs a pipe to reflect this.

To me it looks like the bike has a little dick...

Don't flame me for being honest. :angel:
oldsquid i really like your pipes on the 1050. So much so that have seriously considered changing them for my Staintunes.
I just think the older s3's need a bit more substantial looking pipe to fit in with the weightier looking back end of the bike. The 1050's have no arse so your pipes work well with the size that they are.

Again it's my personal take on it and I've been known to be way off track from the rest of the crowd. So please don't let my comments sway your direction in any way.
In retrospect of my first post I am now going to go away and beat myself up. :horse: I'm sure i could have worded that in a lot better than the way I did.

Sorry Oldsquid and jdonly1.

Feel free to have a hit while I'm laying into myself.
legman said:
Sparti said:
Feel free to have a hit while I'm laying into myself.
Can I take a raincheck til next time I see you..... ;D
That wasn't an open offer :wtf:
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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