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That definitely sounds like a good time. I've looked into off grid stuff but the opportunity hasn't presented its self yet.

As to the quote, there's a story behind it, and here it is.

In 2009 during my first CCC, I rode out to LA to meet up with Dano,Chewy, Bucket, and Nimec then we headed east to the epic ECR. Along the way we met up with Uncle Dude and SteveR in Escalante Utah. Naturally we rolled into town late and ended up looking for dinner close to 9 or 10. The closest place that was still open was a pizza/ sub shop with a liquor license. Win. Partway through the me our waitress (local young lady) stops by to ask how the food was. Bucket spoke up with "F'n Boof'l mate". Confused she turned and asked me what he said, with a straight face I replied with "he said your hair looks nice". Obviously flattered she thanked him for the compliment. Good times, good times indeed.
661 - 667 of 667 Posts