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Open house

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Anyone going to the open house at clinton cycles ths saterday.
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Probably not. I'm working twelve to eight that day. What time do they close?
I can't make this one - we're having our annual Cinco de Mayo party here at the hacienda. I went to the last one there when they had the Triumph demo truck. Took a ride on the Daytona. Very few Triumphs there, it was mostly Jap and a few Harleys.

I'm less than an hour south if anybody wants to swing by for a cervasa and an enchilada. It's a pretty ride down here with some slight twisties if ya take the right roads. Let me know and I'll send you directions.
Email me some directions I was thinking about going over the 301 bridge into MD.
Hockey Fan,
Sent you an Email with directions. Hope to see you here! :drink: Give me a call if you might make it and I'll try to stay sober enough to go for a quick putt with ya! :smitty: I think I forgat to say I'm just a couple miles north of Leonardtown.

All are invited I tried to post directions but couldn't get it. I'll email them to anyone who wants them. :beer:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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