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OSF Rearsets

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Just ebayed a set of OSF rearsets for a 2004 S3 from SMF cycles for my 2006.
Got 'em for a good price, tried on the brake side and fits no problem but a brake switch banjo is needed (ordered) and the fluid tank pipe needs to be longer.
Had to get some shim plate as the the supplied shims were insufficient to minimise the levers' endfloat and a couple of countersunk bolts to fit the pedal stubs.
The bit that clamps on the gearbox selector output shaft is threaded all the way and needs drilling out to 6mm on ONE side of the split in order to clamp properly. It's also a casting and was a wee bit rough so good excuse to polish it up....:)
Later I'll be trying out the gear change side, but seems it would fit.
Pics will come hopefully when I fit them. 
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Ok trial fitted the brake side. Everything fits OK, but the pipe from the reservoir to the rear brake master needs to be longer by an inch or two and the brake banjo turned a wee bit clockwise looking from above. These will be done when I receive the brake switch banjo.

The major problem is the bit that fits on the splines of the gearbox selector shaft. I managed to drill out 6mm one threaded side so that it could clamp around the splined shaft. No big deal.
However it was a very tight fit, had to stick a screw driver to open up and persuade it in with a bit of hammering on an alloy dowel. Got it in but couldn't get the sucker out. So out comes my small puller and the thing came off no problem. A small triangular file 'cleaned' out the splines and the thing fits a bit better now.
Another little problem surfaced (remember this bit is for a pre 2005 Triumph) The bit sticks a bit too far out and the gear rod would foul the pedal. About 10mm need to be removed. SO I had to separate the two parts which were 'stongly loctited' plus a screw. It's a sort of dovetail arrangment and I'm gonna have to mill the slot deeper by about the 10mm already mentioned.
Maybe tomorrow. The saga continues.
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Sounds like a lot of work. Just make sure they're working without fault or getting hung up on anything. It would seriously suck to put all this work into those rearsets then have the gear shift or rear brake lock up...
Not really all that much work. I may be making it sound much worse than it is.
I got the set for $200 + $45 postage. Problem is I got done another $60 customs duty........bastids...grrrrr...........
Ok rearsets went on. Biggest mod was the bit that goes on the gear selectore shaft. Had to be shortened by about 12mm. The part splits and a groove had to be milled. The part was also a tight fit on the splines, but juducious use of a small triangular file soon cured that. On the brake side the hose from the reservoir to the master had to be lengthened and a brake switch banjo bolt fitted for the rear brake light. I also removed the clevis pin and fitted an 8mm rose joint instead. Other small mods included replacing button head screws with counter sunk ones for the pedals and banging an old cut down allen key down said pedals to form a hexagon in pedals in order to be able to tighten them.

The bit that needed shortening

Gear change side. Note the hexagon 'forged' in the gear pedal.

Brake side showing extended (braided) brake reservoir pipe, banjo bolt brake switch, and rose joint instead of clevis

Overall view of brake side

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NICE work.
Maybe I need to change my name to "Envious".
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