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I posted up my impression elsewhere, but glad to do it again. :wave:

Mod summary: Header matched to head & pre-cat removed by Devi, header ceramic coated by Jet-Hot, Trident mid pipe cleaned up (O2 sensor boss ground flush inside), SAI removed and home made block off plates, TuneBoy 20088Base2_DVS_1050precat_removed.dat tune loaded. NGK palladium plugs. I already had Trident half pipe with CF cans.

This is all seat of the pants riding impression, no dyno tests so take it for what it's worth. The biggest difference is throttle response is much sharper. It is now ridiculously easy to power wheelie in first (stock gearing) with just part throttle. I used to only get wheelies when I really tried, now I'm lofting the front wheel all the time. Kind of reminds me of my old RD400 in that respect. This has a down side when exiting tight corners, good throttle control is a must to keep from pushing the front end. Fortunately I have a lot of experience with throttle control from years of riding a CR500. I'm sure peak power is up too but the difference is not so night and day.

Sound is deeper & maybe a bit louder but no one has complained. My Duc riding buddy says it sounds great. The exhaust flow is better balanced between the two mufflers, probably because of the mid pipe work. I haven't measured mileage yet but I'm expecting a bit of a decrease.

Overall it has been a nice little bolt on winter project, highly recommended. :drink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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