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Performance mods: Do they compromise engine longevity?

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Is this true?
Is it sort of true?
Is it not true?
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RPM wears parts. Good oil and filters help to reduce this.

Some mods actually help to decrease stresses, and improve efficiency.

Any mod which increases chamber pressure, will cause more wear on rings and bores. Very minutely.

Any mod which reduces heat in the engine (up to a point), will reduce wear in the engine.

So unless you are more specific in which mods you are asking about, there is not a lot more that can be said.
I have been thinking about this a wee bit.

Exhaust and header mods:
Mostly reduce flow restrictions in the exhaust, but also increase efficiency throug improved scananging of the cylinders. This reduces heat in the engine, and slightly increases cylinder pressure.

Tuning - definately a good thing. It reduces engine temps and prevents lean conditions and improves detonation resistance.

Intake improvements - additional air into the cylinders. Slight increase in cylinder pressures at higher rpm.

Cold air intake mods - ALWAYS a good thing.

Compared to using a less than optimum oil and filter, or not changing the oil regularly, these mods are going to do very little to reduce engine life.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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