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Permatex sealant and ZARD slip-on

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I am in the process of sealing my ZARD when I get back from Chicago this weekend. What would be the best way the seal my ZARD slip-on with the blue permatex or equivalent? Should I apply the sealant around the slipon before installation?

Thanks doodz!
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If you have to use anything, make sure it's the RED High Temp Exhaust Sealant RTV. Works real good on my headers w/old gaskets, my CR250R cylinder base, my CR125 shifter kart cylinder-to-pipe joint, etc.

littlefield said:
It should say 'safe for O2 sensors'.

Permatex now also makes a black high temperature sealant. As mentioned, do not use the blue!
He, He...thanks for the help guys. Actually I used the Permatex copper stuff, its rated a little higher in temp than the red stuff.

I can notice a slight increase at low revs, so this stuff is working.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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