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NOPE, still not working. I will try alternate hosting of the photos.
AHA! You're posting from! I still can't see these photos unless I use my mod powers to see your links and cut'n'paste. has issues with outside links unless you use them as a non-image html link. I think you also have to have a t595 membership and possibly be logged in to see photos.

If you'd like, I can host the photos on
I had been uploading them direct from my PC, but the test above is from T595net.
Below is from getnekkid

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Yeah, I think the direct upload method doesn't work. The site probably pukes up the images after a short period as they take up space on the TS3 hosting. Best bet is to use the HTML host method. It works every time. Only pitfall is that you have to have a host to upload the photos to. I'll host photos for anyone as long as they aren't HUGE and take up like 500k an image. 250k or less is perfect. I've got 1gb of host space to play with.
Kuhkla, please stop playing with your giggy on your host :eek:
You're just jealous that you don't have a giggy to play with!

By the way, I've got around 760 giggies on my home computer...
A fine way to start a "my giggy is bigger than your giggy" competition! :eek:
Can you use the Rat site to copy the pictures from?
Gotta use the html coding before and after the links to show the image in the window. [*img]address[*/img] without the *'s.

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J-Pip - Personally, I like the first one best.
The blonde babe looks like a real sweetheart.  ;)
Yep that one is gonna give ya fits in a couple years!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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