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Pit Bull or Balance

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I bought a Pit Bull stand, When I got my Speedy up I put her in first and slowly let out the clutch. Speedy started to wobble back and forth so bad I had to take it out of gear. Anyone else have this problem?

Just wondering if my rear wheel needs to be balanced or if there is something wrong to the PitBull.
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:shocker: Don't run the bike while its on the stand!

When you put the bike on a single-swingarm stand, the pin slides into the hollow axle. If you rotate that axle, the inside of that axle is just sliding on that pin. Unless you keep that stand pin well-greased, it isn't real easy to rotate the tire by hand, much less have the engine rotate the tire. You're lucky the bike didn't slide right off the stand while running.
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I think you should sue for $65,000,000 :violent1:
I just bought the pitbull, one sided, reversible. Have'nt even recieved it yet. It looked like the best deal for my use. You know, rear wheel removal, chain/sprocket removal and cleaning. The pin is on bearings and should rotate the rear wheel easily. But Why would you ever even think of starting the bike and running it on the stand. Sounds like a SURE way to fuck something up. I doubt they had that in mind when designing it.
itchin said:
I doubt they had that in mind when designing it.
I guess they said the same thing about Boezack. :fingure:
I have had my rear pitbull since 04 you can use your hands to rotate the tire for lets say inspection or chain cleaning/lubrication I don't think it was intended to bear the weight of the bike while in gear..
Avoid winning a Darwin Award. Don't do that again.
I did the same thing once, only mine was in neutral, It still turned the wheel a little and it did rock on the stand some. I don't even run the engine with it on there any more.
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