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Polished frame on 01

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Has anybody had any experience with stripping the silver coating from the frame and polishing it up?
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I have done it on quite a few sportbikes, but not on speedy. To me speedy is more of a anti-bling bike, but I have seen pics of a couple done nicely. Anyone can do it, it's just VERY time consuming! :slap: ;D

I guess to each his own, Cheapbastard may have some experience there... :barf:
I've polished the frames on my motocross bikes and thought it looked pretty good. Just wondered what it would look like on the speedy.
here's some pics of a members bike on Trat with a 99...

I just ain't into the polish'n thang anymore. I still think some sport bikes look good with it, but it just doesn't do anythang fer me on speedy. :slap: ;D
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It would look slick if the paint and billet bits matched up. Does clear coat work well over polish or are you just stuck having to clean the polished metal every time it oxidizes or gets dirty to keep it looking good? Brushed aluminum might look cool.
Thanks for the pics, cheap. I was just in the garage the other day doing my MX'er frame, looked over at the S3 and got to thinking. I'll prob. leave it as is after seeing the pics. I have trouble leaving things in stock form sometimes!
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