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Posting pictures .......

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For the Retarded (me).

First, I am not a Computer guy. Can someone walk me through the procces in a way that even (me) can understand? Please!

All get my Crayons ready.

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Hi! thanks for asking. first are they already exsisting somewhere on the internet? for instance... This S3 is actually located at this address
if you cut and paste that address into your browser you will bypass the webpage and just see the actual pic.

to view this as a pic in the forum click the "insert image" button above^^^ put your mouse over the buttons and it should tell you their names.

once you click that button youll get somethng that looks like this [ img][/img ] that is basiclally the code that tells the forum that after [img ]http://is the web link to a picture and to display it at the other end is the [/img ] that is telling the forum that the picture address ends there.

so to insert a pic already on the internet it should look like this

[img ][/img ]

and that should show you this

If it is NOT already located on the internet you can email it to me the link is under my profile, and I will "host" it for you and then email you the link so that it can be displayed for all of us to enjoy! ;D ;D ;D

hope that made sence?
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Trying a picture

This will be my next bike!

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this is Thunder Cross. As fast as you can go in a parking lot. AutoCross for Bikes.

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My wife on her Speed3

Life is good
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That looks like fun, any more info, or a web site on it?
Why do all the pics I try to post just end up as a blue box with a question mark in the middle? Am I we tod did? WTF. help! :wtf:
Because you're a moron. The code you are copying isn't a picture address. You're grabbing the whole html code from photobucket. What you need looks like this:

Then surround that with image tags:

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Thank's crash......and nothing say's thank you like a big delicious cake. enjoy.
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Uh... Thanks?

Now FIX YOUR AVATAR PIC! You dbl-fucking ****.
good going crash, you taught the flaming *** how to post pics! :finger: :buttkick:
Done. :drink: Today I am a little less stoopid.
Sorry Cheap. Not.
<------------have a clue.
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