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Is this possible? I've got a 04 SE-all black frame, wheels etc, and I hate the way that the pipes discolor. Is powder coating possible on the pipes or do they get too hot?
I know you can have them painted. Does anyone have any insight to this?

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Okay, found out about Jet-Hot on NTSR, and I sent in for an estimate on their site and they emailed me this (so yes, I'm relpying to my own post):

We really appreciate your interest in JET-HOT. This is a follow-up to
our instant response to your inquiry. This e-mail has your PRICE
ESTIMATE and some technical information you need to have.

JET-HOT is the number one supplier of ceramic coated headers in
the world. We invented this coating and have over 20 years of
experience in the science of engine exhaust technologies. We also want
to let you know that we just sent you, by priority mail, information
that should help you make your decision. You should have this within a
few days. This packet contains several independent technical articles,
a JET-HOT 20 page brochure, and a video.

Technical benefits are as follows : Looks great, reduces
under-hood temperatures by 50 degrees Fahrenheit and more, keeps pipes
up to 50% cooler, Gives you 1-3% extra horsepower, extends average
header life by at least 10 times, and improves safety in an accident by
reducing the probability of fireballing.

We can coat almost anything you want including manifolds, oil pans,
springs, and a whole lot more!!!

The price to coat the motorcycle 3to1 header (no muffler/canisters)
,in&out with the sterling silver finish, is $135+s&h back. Add $20 for
the flat black,blue or grey finish. We'll need them here for 3-5 days
plus shipping time back.If the parts are chrome or nickel plated,add
to the total and 2 days for stripping.I will send you our full
information package to get you all the coating benefits in greater

Jet Hot also carries a coating called Jet Hot 2000. This coating runs
to a temperature of 2400 degrees. The Jet Hot 2000 only comes in a flat
black,blue or grey finish and has a gritty texture on the outside. The
Jet Hot 2000 runs $25 more than the sterling silver finish. This
takes 2 days longer than the sterling silver process.We suggest Jet Hot
2000 for set ups with nitro,turbos,etc.

All parts receive a 3 year unlimited guarantee that covers chipping,
peeling, cracking, discoloration, rusting. New parts also get a
lifetime rust through warranty as well.

Please ship your parts to:
Jet Hot Coatings
5602 Orchard Rd
Pascagoula MS 39581
1840 West Drake Dr
Tempe AZ 85283

Please note: Jet Hot 2000 is only done in the Pascagoula,MS location

Just be sure to include your name and return info so we know who they
belong to and specify the finish of your choice. As for billing, you
can either include a credit card number with the parts or you can call
one in to the phone number listed below. Please feel free to call or
email with any other questions.

Points to consider in making your decision are:
. JET-HOT has an impeccable reputation, unequaled quality and a
guarantee. A guarantee we stand behind.
. JET-HOT parent company Metallic Ceramic Coatings Inc, engineered
our coatings to the third generation which contains silver powders
allowing your components to look better, last longer, and outperform
other coatings.
. JET-HOT uses expensive aluminum oxide to clean components. We
don't use sand like others.
. JET-HOT applies two exterior coatings and two interior coatings
and not just one layer as everyone else does.
. JET-HOT has the most brilliant appearance of any coating, not
just an ok or so-so look.
. JET-HOT will work with you to help you achieve your objectives
and will gladly provide you with technical know how at no additional
. JET-HOT has the most cost effective pricing and there are no
hidden charges.

$ SAVE 10% $

We are automobile and engine enthusiasts and want to insure your
complete satisfaction. Please review all your options. If you inform
NOW that you intend to work with us when you are ready, we will give
a 10% discount from the quoted price. Call or email us to lock in your
Our number is (800) 432-3379


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I did the Jet-Hot a few months ago. Had the collector, up-pipe and both end caps of my Black Widow system coated in Sterling. Just a tip before you send it off. Make sure you knock off any welding splatter. I sent my dirty exhaust knowing that they would blast them clean but what I thought was just gunk, was really slag. Now I have nicely coated splatter :(

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VERY nice looking!

I have done the same to my 05S3, but added black coated header wrap on the primaries to below the oil cooler. Keep the heat in the header and out of the intake and all is well. ;)

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Guys, i have had Jet hot done to car headers with great results. I have one question that I
was going to ask them. Does it make any difference that these pipes are stainless??
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