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Power Restrictor

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I know, it may be blasphemous, but i've been contemplating getting a power restrictor for speedy and passing it on to the wife. She loves the bike, but it's a bit tall and way to powerfull for her first bike. I remember seeing a 98ps restrictor for Speedy, has anybody tried this? What are your thoughts other than Speedy shouldn't be castrated in such a way? I'm thinking that might still be a little too much for a first bike. We've been looking at SV650's which would be great, but this was just an over active daydream that i'm following up on.
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I can see whats going on here're trying to find some excuse for hanging on to speedy, as well as getting your Gixxer :drink:

I know you prolly don't want to hear this but even at 98ps its likely to be too much bike, as I get the impression from what you said, that she's not a big girl. In Australia Honda have a 250cc Vtwin called a VTR250, I don't know what its called in the US....looks like a baby monster....this would be an ideal starter, and they go pretty well for a 250.

here in Oz, in my state at least learners are restricted to 250cc until they have had their licence for a year, and the VTR's are real popular.

I hope you can find a way to keep Speedy even if the wife doesn't get it. :wave:
Legman thats not a bad year? Hell my first street bike was a GS1000 suzy way too much for a motocross rider and at that age 19. It would have saved me a bunch of scrapes and dings it was too much bike for my street ridng ability at that age. sean..
How does one fit such a restrictor? I wonder if Tuneboy could do something like this?
How does one fit such a restrictor? I wonder if Tuneboy could do something like this?
Since this is an item for the european market, maybe one of the members from over there can answer.

Here in sunny Florida, a 16-year-old can walk into a dealer, put down $11,000US and ride out with an S3, or one of the 600 to 750cc supersports from the big 4 (or Triumph). A purchaser is SUPPOSED to have a motorcycle endorsement on his/her license, but is not a requirement for the purchase of a bike, only the operation of a bike. The test is a circuit in a parking lot (car park) roughly 40 meters square, and takes about an hour of practice for a novice to master. Many dealers will provide the lesson and test for free with the perchase of a motorcycle.

If one pays cash for his bike, NO insurance is required, as long as one wears a DOT-approved helmet.

Imagine, a 16-year-old :squid:, 170 mph rocket, and motorcycle endorsement on his license that's a joke.
why the hell would you want to do a thing like that. It's like a rubber band around your johnson. Not fun
Goffe said:
How does one fit such a restrictor? I wonder if Tuneboy could do something like this?
It would be easy to lower the rev limit with TuneBoy.

I believe the FROG power restrictor is an exhaust part.
Speedy is too much first bike for a dude, but a woman is something different. When you were breaking in your speedy would you say that was too much? No, you just exercised some throttle control. Your girl can do the same, dudes generally cant, she will be okay.
She's pretty cautious on anything with a motor. I just worry about the typical new rider errors, throttle control takes time and discipline to master, it's easy to say just don't turn it so far, but for a new rider it takes time to learn how much throttle to give it. Her biggest issue is the seat height, she's 5'6". She can get her feet on the ground but isn't platned very well and thinks she can't hold the bike well, plus it's 400+ pounds, not that an SV is much lighter. Setting the suspension to her might take care of the most of the height issue. The rear preload can come down about 1-1/2" and the front has some room too. But not being a suspension genious, I'm not sure if that'd be a good idea, I don't know how it would affect the handling.

And Leggy, you're pretty much right, I like Speedy and would like to keep it, but everytime I have to deal with the dealer I get infuriated. Keeping it for the wife wouldn't solve that problem, cuz, I'll be the one taking care of that shit.
Speedy's been up for three days now, the ad's had 505 page views in those three days, no calls yet.
Here's the ad, i've got better pics coming. I listed it $500 lower than NADA cause it's due for the 12K Anyone think I'm asking too much?
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I taught my wife on an SV1000 and her first bike, and current, is a 1050 Sprint ST. Of course she's one tough chick and 5'10.

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Not bad. She's set to go ot the MSF class when she's got a break between semesters. We'll see what happens I guess.
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