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Pulled the trigger...

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I just ordered a Scottoiler and an Acumen DG8 gear indicator today. Kinda funny that I bought the oiler on ebay out of the U.K. considerably cheaper than I could find one here in the States, and the made up the difference with shipping! $40 shipping! I didn't lose money, just broke even to wait an extra week. :jerkit:
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SIK, how is the Acumen working out? I want to get a gear indicator for my 2005 S3 and would like some advice. How well did installation go? Does it show you your gear when not moving? I read that Datatool's version doesn't show your gear when not moving.
i just wait til redline....then indicator needed....if the tach is too low....then i down shift :slap: :slap: :drink:
I never thought I would want one until I got my Daytona. I use it on the track. Now its a "must have"
why??? just wondering....and where does it install to??
When ur going down a long straightaway at 150 mph its easy to lose track of what gear ur in. (It is for me anyway). I want to make sure I down shift into the right gear going into the turn at the end of the straight. You can't shift when ur leaned over so if ur in the wrong gear, ur screwed until you get back up on the bike.

Its also good for passing or when you think ur not in 6th gear or you are.... etc....
so....when you are on a track....and approaching a turn after a straight.....ya don't progressively downshift?? ya go from 6th to 3rd??
Yes. The issue (mine, anyway) is sometimes I won't get to 6th gear on the straight. I'll downshift 2 or 3 times while on the brake before letting out the clutch. I'll have to look down to see if I'm in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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