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Puma Boots - Desmo review - other gear added

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Gotta do a little ride I can give a little review on the Puma Desmo boots I picked up last night. They feel like sneakers with toe sliders and very comfy to walk around in.

Not on Puma's website so here is a link:

To Be Continued...
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Re: Puma Boots - Desmo

I love the boots. I road through Idyllwild California, which is a long twisty run in the to love those banked turns. I ended up at a winery with friends then off to a bar...yes, I even danced in the boots. That toe slider is quite audible when it hits & scared me at first. Great all day...all night boot with enough protection for me. Not stiff, easy to shift, good traction and didn’t get hot. It must have been about 80F. True to foot size - I'm slightly wide

Since I’m on the subject - Other gear:

Alpinestars Bionic Protector Jacket: Great product, easy to fit a shirt over it (Puma – to match the boots – lol), gives a mesh looking suntan though, great air flow, comfy. My first ride with this.

Alpinestars SP-1 Gloves: 1.5yrs and they look new, great dexterity, I like the carbon fiber/hard protection - makes me feel good knowing I have the near equivalent to brass knuckles.

Icon Knee/shin protection: Better for skinny legs, velcro does not hold up very well, straps can bind and bite you on the back side of your knee. They did save me a few times snowboarding. Had these for about a year.

Scorpion EXO 700 solid black helmet: Seems a bit windy and whistles. I wish it had something to block the wind out from below the chin. Face shield doesn’t seal up tight. 1-yr.

Snowboard padded shorts (don’t know the name), but removed the hard plastic protectors. I had booty under my jeans.

$19.99 Costco product hydration small back pack – held up great and has been on many rides and Costa Rica vacations. Even can carry a small half helmet for the girlies. To be replaced/supplemented by OGIO 2007 1950 hydration backpack. Hey, I never end up at home after a ride.

Ok – I’m done.
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