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Purge Valve

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Do you need it, and what exactly does it do? If you pull it off will it throw the check engine light? I got a little carried away when i was removing the charcol can and pulled that out with it. Now I cant figure out for the life of me why the check engine light is on.
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Remember the harness connection you disconnected when removing the charcoal cannister? It seems that you may need a non-CA tune so that the ECU is not looking for the cannister solenoid. I have been trying to confirm this with Triumph USA, but they are slow to respond.
Does it make a difference if I loaded waynes 20088 non sai? Can I plug the valve back in and not attach the hoses to fix it?
Wayne's 20088 tune will keep the ECU from looking for the SAI solenoid and the Evap cannister solenoid.

Did you route the hose from the throttle body directly to the MAP sensor on the bottom of the tank? This is how the non-CA bikes are done. If the MAp sensor is not connected to the throttle body openings, is will not enrich correctly and runs like $hite - don't ask how I know. ;D
You are the man Devious! Thanks :drink:
Glad to help another enthusiast.

Just let us know if this was the problem.
Sure enough, that was it it. Runs like a champ now. Thanks again Devi. :pow:
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