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question about aftermarket exhaust and passenger footpegs.

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:sign5:i want to get arrow 3 to 1 exhaust put on my bike after i buy it but had some questions about the passenger footpegs.
looking at some of the photo's on here of s3's with after market exhaust i noticed i didn't see any passenger footpegs.( not that i would have my wife on board or anything :'(). lol that's how i convinced her to let me get the thing i told it was nice for going on weekend rides in the country). can you have passenger footpegs on them with zard or arrow exhaust? if so how to go about it?
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I think these are the best looking. They move the pegs down and forward a bit, and they don't stick out like Dumbo ears :barf: . You gotta pay for 'em though.

Look at GSG Moto muffler bracket, here:
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