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Mate took a test ride on the new 675 triumph at the weekend. (Authorised dealer)
Signed all the paper work and produced his licence, all checked OK.

Got stopped for speeding (silly lad) and was told he needed to produce his documents, including his insurance.
When he ask for a copy of the Ins certificate from Windy corner of Leicester he was told he wasn’t Insured through the shop.

Could this be right?? Surly he would be INS Third party??

If not, nothing was explained before he took the test ride...
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In the US, some dealers have insurance to cover test rides, some (most) do not - it only covers the shop's riders. Some do not even have this.

Automotive dealers are the same.

Your friend needs to check if his insurance covers him when riding other vehicles. If not, he may be screwed.

With as crazy as the UK officials are getting about cycle riders, they may throw him in a deep, dark, hole.
Sounds as though he could be in the shit.
But surly they should of made this clear before he took the test ride?
They SHOULD have, but it is rare to be pulled over on a test ride, so they may be trying to beat the odds. Your friend may be caught in the middle.

Try contacting the local news if the dealership does not offer to help. I am sure they do not want to make this public. ;)
my bike insurance covers me to ride any other bike, with the owners consent, but only as third party. Every time i've taken a bike out for a test ride i have been charged a small amount for insurance or i've had to leavecredit card details to cover the excess should i chuck it up the road. I would have thought the dealer would have a duty to make sure you or they had insurance cover before letting you take a bike out...
when i took my test ride on speedy the lead rider told us that "he occasionally exceeds the speed limit and that if we should follow him be it at our own risk"
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