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Quick advice on Battery charge?

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Through various circumstances that couldn't possibly be my fault I have to put a new battery in speedy. Being the cheapskate that I am I ordered one online.

Now I know there is a specific routine for properly charging a battery initially. Trouble is, I don't trust my memory on the subject.

Isn't it this?

Step 1) pour in the electrolyte
Step 2) wait 30-40 minutes
Step 3) charge at low amps (about 1) for 10-12 hours.

Am I missing anything?
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Yes, buy a maintenance free battery, throw it in, and ride the bike........sorry :-\
It is a maintenance free battery. When they ship it to you it comes without the electrolyte in it. Once it's assembled, you never open it.

Incidentally, it's Yuasa. Identical to the factory battery.
Just did one last week. (Not maint free though)

Pour in electrolyte, waited 30 minutes and topped it off, charged for 6-8hrs at 2amps
After you get it charged initially, hook it up to a Battery Tender every time you park it at home, and the battery will last a few years.
Okay that's more or less what I did.

rbrsddn, I've had several Yuasa batteries in a row now, and except for this one they've all lasted at least 4 years. I had two last over 5 years.

And I never use a battery tender.

I think the problem with this last one was the two serious crashes... :violent1:
I think if you ride a lot, ie not just on weekends like I do, your battery will keep in good shape, unless you leave it out all winter without a BT on it. I plug mine in because I use it less. And wrecks don't count.
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