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quik question MPG

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im getting around 50mpg with a leo vince exhaust, ported intake,k&n filter and a custom tune in the power commander 3 is this good or bad amounts for this big of a bike? (my old seca got 75mpg with a turbo)
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Thats excellent mileage, although it is probably on the high side unless you're measuring via GPS. The stock tach is off by around 5 mph at 65. The difference changes to almost 10mph when you get over 100. I've since swapped out my tach for a Veypor which is set to my GPS. Now I get around mid 30's to 40s for fuel mileage depending on how hard I'm riding. I'm hoping to take the entire bike apart this fall/winter and do a rebuild and some motor tuning to see if I can improve things and reduce snatch. The bike is riding a lot rougher after 20,000 miles and is in need of a good cleaning.
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